Progress and modernisation always have their roots in tradition!

This is the story of a Bulgarian company that has made tradition and quality the kingpin around which to create one of the most state-of-art businesses in the cheese-making sector.
East Dairy Co. has long-standing traditions of milk processing experience and export of milk products. It's activity EDC began in the autumn of 1992, but in its present form the company has existed since August 2008. With long experience and approved traditions in buying, processing and marketing of milk and milk products of Bulgarian and International market, company develops and supports dairy business and all other directly and indirectly related industries.

Dairy products have reserved their place at the table in every Bulgarian home. Scarcely products which Bulgarians are more sensitive and zealous than Bulgarian yoghurt and fresh milk, white cheese in brine /Feta/, yellow cheese /Kashkaval/. All of them are manufactured and marketed by EDC under the registered trademark of the company LACTITA®

The company is well known abroad for its quality cheese and it's an example of native dairy industry. The cheeses offered by EDC are made from high-quality milk and traditional technology of maturation. Invariable high quality and reputation of our products leads to increasing demand and export to international markets.

East Dairy Co. is a company in which manufacturing practices comply with the highest world standards in the food industry. The entire assortment of the company is created and maintained by philosophy, values and mission - offering diversity, following basic principles for high-quality and naturalness of the products according to customers' needs for a healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

The purposes of East Dairy Co. are set towards maintaining and expanding the strategic partnerships in the country and abroad through development and supply of products, which meet the consumers' requirements to the highest extent.



It is our mission to provide a high-quality products at a competitive prices.

"Working together to deliver dairy products to the world."



Integrity, trust, respect for people and the environment.

Striving for continuous improvement and professionalism.

Initiative, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Cooperation, commitment, passion, a capacity to listen and share.